So you just got yourself a new checking account and now you need to write a check. If you have never filled out a check before it can be a little intimating as you may not be sure what information you need to fill out and how it should look.  The process is really easy once you know what do to and we will show you how. Below you can view a video that will explain step by step what you need to fill out on each line of your check and where to sign it.

Personal Check Writing Example

Below is an example of what a check should look like once it’s completely filled out and signed. The main lines you need to fill out are:

1) The date
2) Pay to the order of
3) Write the amount out in numeral form.
4) Write out the amount of check in word format. Be sure to add cents and if there is space at the end fill it in with a line. See example below
5) Memo line (this is optional and can be used to make notes for yourself)
6) Most important is the signature line. Make sure to sign your check.

If you don’t sign your check the person will not be able to deposit this check into their bank account so always remember to double check to make sure you signed it and that the amount is the correct.

sample check of what fields you need to fill out while writing a check